Mainland working opportunities

To help job seekers and employers to search or register vacancies, this web site is equipped with a search engine for Mainland jobs. Job seekers interested in Mainland jobs would be able to search for Mainland jobs placed by Hong Kong employers through the Labour Department.

Before an employment contract is signed, attention should be paid to whether the contract will be governed by laws and regulations of Hong Kong, Mainland or any other countries.

Employers may register vacancies through the Labour Department or join our large-scale job fairs for Mainland employment. Employers may also get suitable candidates through recruitment agents officially registered by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, by placing recruitment advertisements with newspapers, magazines or other media, or participating in recruitment activities, etc.

With the launch of the regularised Greater Bay Area ("GBA") Youth Employment Scheme, Hong Kong young people can look farther ahead to tap the new opportunities presented by the development of the GBA with better support, and enterprises can employ Hong Kong young people to work in the GBA cities.

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